Mediation and Dispute Resolution​ Services
                   provided by a "Virginia Supreme Court Certified Mediator"                               "Trained, Skilled and Experienced for over 35 years in resolving disputes"
                  "Use Mediation and Avoid Litigation"

"FREE Initial Consultation" plus info that can help you "AVOID High Legal Fees"
Will come to your office, home, lawyer's office, court, hospital, retirement community, nursing home, hotel, or anywhere that you are and need our services. Our office is also available for private sessions. Online and telephone mediations are offered as well.

       Located in the Town of Bedford, serving the Tri-City areas of Bedford, Lynchburg                        and Roanoke. Will also travel to other areas and states.​​

Business Uses for Mediation               Individual-Family Uses for Mediation
*Employee or Employment Issues            *Parent/Children Problems
*Management Conflicts                             *Financial or Debt Issues
*Customer Issues                                       *Marital Issues and Prenuptial Issues
*Supplier or Vendor Disputes                   *Separation, Divorce, Custody Issues
*Contract Disputes                                     *Extended Family Issues
*Compliance Issues                                     *Landlord-Tenant Disagreements
*Workmen's Compensation Issues            *Real Estate Disputes
*Partnership Disagreements                     *Medical or Health Issues
*Personal Injury Issues                               *Estate or Probate Issues
*Sexual Harassment Issues                        *Elder Care, Senior Guardianship Issues
*Lease-Landlord Disputes                           *Employer or Employment Disputes

   "Mediation works about 90% of the time, avoiding the need for any legal action"
        The reason it works is because people usually do not have legal problems.  
        Lawyers and Courts have legal problems.
        People usually only have problems dealing with and communicating with other people.

Mediation is a dispute resolution process that is easier, faster, less expensive and involves less pain than legal action. Mediation facilitates communications and solutions between disagreeing parties. The process is totally confidential, voluntary and not legally binding nor restrictive of any other legal rights or options.

A Mediator is a neutral, impartial person who does not take sides, does not decide the issues involved and does not impose solutions. A Mediator helps the disagreeing parties reach a mutually agreeable solution in a timely, respectful and peaceful fashion. A Mediator helps both sides avoid a Win or Lose legal scenario and assists in the creation of a very beneficial Win-Win outcome for their differences.​

        All Signed and Sealed Mediation Services
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                         "Virginia Supreme Court Certified Mediator"​​

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NOTE: We are not attorneys and not licensed to practice law in Virginia or any other state.  We do not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice. Please consult an attorney for legal advice.

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