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                Mobile Notary Services

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At your home, office, hospital, retirement community, nursing home, hotel, coffee shop, doctor's office  or anywhere else you are and need notary services.

Located in the City of Bedford, serving the Tri-City areas of Bedford, Lynchburg, Roanoke as well as all the surrounding counties.

All types of legal Notary Services are provided by a local Certified, Insured, Professional Notary Signing Agent.

​                             "Highly Experienced Virginia Notary"


* Pre-Nuptial Agreements                          * Separation or Divorce Documents

* Affidavits or Subpoenas                           * Real Estate Title Transfers

* Insurance Documents                              * Medical Documents or Billing Statements

*Architectural Drawings                              * Survey and Real Estate Plans

* Bills of Sale or Contracts                           * Vehicle or Boat Title Transfers       

* Any type of Legal Documents                * Mortgage, Re-Fi Applications or Closing Packages

* Reverse Mortgage Applications            * Reverse Mortgage Closing Packages

* Employment Verifications                      * Wills, Living Trusts, Executorships

* Health-Medical Directives                       * Power of Attorney's, Living Wills, Depositions

* Adoption Dossiers                                      * Parental Rights Releases

* Senior Guardianship Forms                     * Estate Planning Forms

Call: (540) 427-6187 to schedule an appointment

Member of the following Professional Notary Organizations

          * National Notary Association

          * American Association of Notaries

          * American Society of Notaries

​                * Notary Rotary of America

Note: We are not attorneys and not licensed to practice law in Virginia or any other state. We do not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice. Please consult an attorney for any and all legal advice.

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